OR TEA? Gift Boxed  20 Assorted Tea Sachets

OR TEA? Gift Boxed 20 Assorted Tea Sachets

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A 10 flavor combo pack with randomly picked organic tea flavors, in one stylish package.
(The 10  random tea flavors are picked from the flavors below. There will be 2 Tea Sachets for each flavour)
	•FLAVOURS: Lychee White Peony, Mount Feather, Duke’s Blues, Beeeee Calm, EnerGinger, Merry Peppermint, Queen Berry, Tiffany’s Breakfast, TropiCoco, La Vie en Rose, Slimming Pu'er, Dragon Well, African Affairs, Yin Yang, Ginseng Beauty, Towering Kung Fu, The Secret Life of Chai, Monkey Pinch.


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