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Zealong Organic Aromatic Tea

Zealong Organic Aromatic Tea


Two options same price, either loose or in teabags


Zealong’s organic Aromatic oolong tea is briefly roasted at high temperatures to produce a clear aroma and taste, with a hint of fruit and flowers.

Zealong teas are hand-picked by only the top three leaves, are certified organic, and grown in the Waikato region in the North Island of New Zealand. Known for its unique climate and growing conditions, these teas are truly special and has won many international awards.

Zealong’s organic Aromatic oolong tea is available in loose-leaf or in biodegradable pyramid tea bags


Tea notes:

Dry leafTightly rolled green leaf picked from tender bud + 2 leaves
LiquorGolden yellow
AromaSweet and toasty with floral hints
TextureMild astringency
TasteSlightly toasty and herbaceous with hints of fruit and flowers
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